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Russia x Reader :Imaginary:
    You, {Y/N}, were the newest addition into the World Meetings and, much like Sealand, weren't recognized as a country at all. You represented Narnia. Yes, Narnia.. well, you just said that to yourself because.. no one has represented that yet. Plus, you really liked the books and movie. Really, you were just to help Arthur in the Meetings and with his temper, prove his point, be silent when he is, etc. The perfect little helper. His boss was the one who hired you after you were fired from your job at the News Station after reporting something on America. Alfred didn't like that too much and being a powerful person, you and the story were kicked. So, naturally you were paired up with someone who was a little pissed at you for your actions towards an old partner. You walked in and already there was talking and chattering of friendly stories, or held grudges. Looking up at the annoyed green-eyed Brit, he shot a glance down at you that just told y
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Mature content
Eyeless Jack x Killer Kris {Lemon Request} :iconlunathecooliocat:LunaTheCoolioCat 1 6
Ho-Ho-Holy Shit.. {Update On Holiday Thing}
You saw the title.
C'mon. You're curious as to what this could be about. Don't scroll past me, don't click on that pic.
Move that cursor over here, baby.
I know they say curiosity killed the cat..
What if this update brought it back. Hm? That'd make everything better, wouldn't it.
C'mon. Click me c;.
Hetalia Christmas Scenarios Has Been Cancelled! 
Sorry about getting your hopes up at the start there. I'm evil, I know. Didn't you read my name? You should have expected this.
Let me explain why I'm not continuing it or at least.. putting it off to the side for a while.
I have been having the hardest time writing these and usually, I can type and write for quite a bit without saying, "Get a life," To myself.
When the idea came to me to write these stories, I was all for it and I stayed that way for quite a bit. Now, I can't focus long enough to write one damn paragraph. 
Requests. PM me anytime and I will answer ASAP because
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On The Second Day Of Christmas.. {England}
It was a quiet day like usual. Nothing but a fire crackling and the small noises your floor made as you squeaked by from room to room. 
The winter holidays were cold and you were more of an indoors person anyways so you really didn't need anymore thoughts about it. Course, you would have to go outside from time to time to get something from the store or a friend of yours wanted to chat. You were an easy going soul when you were people you liked or when you were alone. Nothing bothered you as long as everything was as it should. Winter brought out the classy side of you. A respect for the outside world, even if you weren't an outdoorsy person.
You smiled softly to yourself, sitting down on the couch an flicking on the T.V. News was the same and there wasn't any new episodes of {t.v show} on so, best to just relax in the dark by the fire. The wind whirled outside and provided a calming, relaxing, and sweet feel to the warm and cozy atmosphere. Nothing could really ruin it for you. T
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On The First Day Of Christmas.. {America}
A peaceful feeling held you. It was soft and invited you to a long sleep along side the hibernating animals. You couldn't do that, of course, but nature was so exhilarating. Mostly all the time! However, to you it was the best in winter. The way the snow, frost, and dead grass crunched under your feet every time you went off to explore. Or the cold wind that nipped at your face and warm protection. Yes, winter could be cruel but, you didn't really care.
It was beautiful.
Your {eye color} irises flicked some flakes of snow that stubbornly hung into your eyelashes away. You decided to come to the park today with your friend Alfred. He was really annoying and didn't take winter as serious and beautiful as you did yet you still invited him. He was your friend after all. Plus, Kirkland didn't feel like dealing with him today so part of his presence was that Arthur shoved him off on you. The wind whipped around your scarf and whirled it back into your face, smacking you. "Ow," You mut
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Train Track Paradise
You walked slowly, eyeing the destination in front of you. You don't even remember how you got here. It was like the opening to a movie. You didn't really have a clue what was going on at first.
The only things you could bring to memory was that you needed to see what was on the other side of..
The Train Tracks. 
Your feet had a mind of their own, taking you towards the tracks against your consent. Eyes fluttering at the cold wind that hit them, you saw.
You saw your destination and in that moment, you were on board with your feet taking you closer. 
The sun was setting behind the trees, poking out to form a beautiful array of colors in the sky. Below it,
A family. A mother and two sons. Twins. They played with the baby deer and the bunnies that didn't even mind their presence. 
They enjoyed them. Accepted their difference. They weren't afraid of the boys or mother. 
The mother stared at you, a smile plastering her perfect cheeks. You smiled back, a stream
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Yo! Hi There! This is like an update thingabling! 
First off, for those who worry, I've been sick and dealing with life so that puts a strain and limit on how much time I've got for important things. Like this! 
So, that's why no smut or stories have been posted.. really hope I don't get banned for it-
ANYWAYS! That's the update now lets get down to the really juicy stuff. No.. not... NOT smut. Geez.
While taking a shower and thinking about how I'd be if animals were furries and got pissed off for all the shit we had done to them, 
Popped into my noggin and said, "Mappy Holimases!" Hetalia, being one of my favorite anime, descided to join me for the rest of my quiet time in the shower. Like most things, it lead up to naughty Russia-san so I awkwardly stood there with my idea watching inside my mind.
YEA! So who doesn't want a nosebleed for the holidays? I know I do!
{Fun Fact!: Kitten Has
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Mature content
~Stress Reliever~ Eyeless Jack x Reader {Lemon} :iconlunathecooliocat:LunaTheCoolioCat 171 54
Mature content
Jeffery X Submissive!Killer!Reader {Lemon} :iconlunathecooliocat:LunaTheCoolioCat 18 5
Mature content
Jeffery X Submissive!Reader {Lemon} :iconlunathecooliocat:LunaTheCoolioCat 7 3
Shit I've done...
Literally, its crap :3


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Greetings To All Of You Who Have Stumbled Across My Profile!

I Welcome You With Smut And Inactiveness~!

I am just your average teenager trying to please the fangirls of the world very slowly.
Don't take that in the wrong way you-- Oh, who am I kitten? I'm one myself..
Anyways, If you didn't skip this, I am actually okay to hang around with. That's a lot coming from me because I judge myself quite harshly and frequently. ANYWAYS--

I'm a 'normal', internet and cat obsessed girl who has slight issues c: I'm pretty shy and I can actually WRITE good things other than this.. filth :33. I'm not a good artist but, drawing is a frequent hobby of mine. I'm always up for a lovely chat and donations of tea and pasta are always welcome~
I find it extremely hard to concentrate and I lose my focus very quickly so, just a heads up if you'd like a story/smut/anything request. Doubt it :p.

Now, before you leave, this is very important. I know I seem like that typical 'omfg crepypsta iz lyfe n shit' but really, I do love art and ACTUAL literature and stores. I just.. write these things 'cuz, hey. I'm embracing my inner and outer perv.
Have a lovely day!

Sorry to credit you so further down, chick!
I don't have any talent what-so-ever so..
I asked this beauty: :iconxmoondreamsx:
She did a fantastic job and I'd really appreciate it if you checked her out and gave her a watch!


:iconfallen-ezekial: :iconnuttylover101: :iconcelestiaaweless7:



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